We provide the 'Just Right' resolve to solve your IT challenges. Our ability to quickly understand, adapt, learn and execute will reduce the time it takes you to reach your goal.
Over the last 30 years, information technology and the processes to implement have evolved exponentially. A vast number of models and ideas have constantly improvised the steps that are executed in projects, end-to-end. Ever since the advent of the CMM and its application to the traditional models, every project converges into a 'lessons learnt' activity before closure. Lessons learnt are fed into project processes to devise checks and balances for more predictable results.

This path unfortunately does not factor in other real time factors that influence the execution of a project. Projects are still required to be executed under constraints of budget and timeline. Understanding client requirements and mapping those into a solution are highly dependant on the environment, architecture, end users and usability. Therefore, it is critical to define the right approach, which is key to a quick and successful execution.

Most IT project processes are improvised to adjust to increased scale. This approach brings about gaps, overheads and inefficiencies. Inefficiencies lead to additional effort which translates into increased TCO.

With the right approach a reasonable balance can be achieved in molding the process, to a point of inflection, that can help achieve the required solution with cost efficiency. The team at JR Resolve Inc. specializes in the "just right resolve".