About Us

The Just Right Resolve team is a specialized task force team that prides on using technology components to fix any problem that can be rectified by systemic processes. If you already have a business problem, we can assist by providing a tactical solution. If you are interested to prevent a potential problem we can work with you on a strategic solution. Our team is adept on identifying opportunities to automate. Our experience on muliple platforms and technologies has qualified us to work well with disparate systems. Our breadth of experience in various platforms also qualifies us to identify the just right platform for your IT solution.


  • Automated website mining: We wrote a bot ( form of a webcrawler ) that mined specific data from a website. This pocess reduced a lot of manual effort and enabled users to focus their effort on analytics of mined data
  • Synchronizing media between a smartphone, tablet and desktop: This was a project purely for merchandising in retail space. The requirement was to run a 1 minute video in a loop and by the way... was required to be synchronized on 3 independant devices
  • Order Management Portal: A client-server based portal that provides a centralized view to manage orders that are imported from another system and enable order fulfillment
  • Mobile apps: Proprietary apps that are custom made for businesses to enable workflow ( field to headoffice ) on Android and iOS platforms
  • Microcontroller based data acquistion and control: This application was programmed on a microcontroller and was used for creating a round-robin based switching mechanism for a light display
  • Web based workflow: A web based application that provides workflow between business entities, with system interaction that is browser based and extends to mobile devices

We strive to provide applications that have minimal to no support and our accomplishments have been a testimony to this goal. We also provide maintenance and support on application developed by other enttities, provided we have the opportunity to complete a thorough system appreciation.